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Choosing Generic or Brand-Name Medications

Deciding between the more affordable generic medication and the more well-known brand-name options can be a difficult decision for many people. However, when you are shopping for prescription drugs, it does not have to be a hassle deciding on what to get. O.K. Pharmacy is a pharmacy in Donna, TX that can help you through … Continue reading

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Improving Your Health with Dietary Supplements

There are many ways to improve your health such as exercising or having a healthier diet. However, as an exceptional pharmacy in Donna, TX, O.K. Pharmacy has another solution that you may want to try. We have a large stock of medical supplies in Texas that includes many kinds of dietary supplements. These supplements are … Continue reading

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Antibiotics: What can they do to your body?

Have you ever wondered why doctors would always advise you to take antibiotics after every minor operation? Or, have you ever felt curious when they tell you to take some medicines just to fight the infection in your body? The primary intention of this prescription is to stop the bacteria from causing more damage to … Continue reading

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The Only Essential Vitamins You’ll Ever Need

With all the food available in the market, you cannot determine which ones are good for you and which ones are not. People are often tempted to pick the oily and the greasy food choices because it is convenient and fast. While you enjoy the good bite of that burger and pizza, you also tend … Continue reading

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The Not-So-Bloody Truth: Dispelling the 6 Common Myths About Menstruation

Being a woman is tough. Every month, you entertain a bloody visitor named menstruation. Most oftentimes, it is accompanied by another unwelcome and painful visitor called “dysmenorrhea.” But do you know what is even worse than a painful menstruation? The false news surrounding it. O.K. Pharmacy debunks some of the common myths about periods. We … Continue reading

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