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Common Myths About Contraceptive Aids

Why do we use contraception pills? Why do we have different contraception methods available on the market today when we are not even sure if it is safe to use it? Although contraception is something that we all use today, we never really had a good understanding of its nature. Some people dislike the idea … Continue reading

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What Some Women Might Not Know About Feminine Hygiene

Talking about feminine hygiene seems like an unspoken taboo in society today. Just because we are talking about the delicate part of our being does not mean we should avoid the topic. In fact, issues on hygiene have surfaced because most health problems were caused by the lack of it. Our common notion is that … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Home A Place for Care

Opting for home care instead of institutionalized care is never an easy decision. There are a lot of key factors that need to be considered. Home care requires a transformation of your house into a place of safety. In doing so we also need to consider that there are other members of the family residing … Continue reading

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A Patient’s Rights When Purchasing Medications

Medication plays a big role in health management. In most cases, patients who experience chronic pain rely so much on medications for relief. The right medication can change the life of a patient either positively or negatively. Administering medications to patients come with great responsibilities. Not everybody is allowed to administer it. Some necessary steps … Continue reading

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Choosing Generic or Brand-Name Medications

Deciding between the more affordable generic medication and the more well-known brand-name options can be a difficult decision for many people. However, when you are shopping for prescription drugs, it does not have to be a hassle deciding on what to get. O.K. Pharmacy is a pharmacy in Donna, TX that can help you through … Continue reading

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