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Medical Supplies

Durable Medical Equipment in Donna, Texas

We offer quality medical equipment and supplies that efficiently serve all your health needs. You can get them at O.K. Pharmacy in Donna TX at incredibly low prices, so grab this chance and come see us today! You may also give us a call at 956-464-2200 or send a message to for questions and inquiries.

We want our customers at home to have everything they need. Whether you need wheelchairs, crutches, walk aids or various other equipment that aid in mobility, we’ve got them for you. It is our duty to make home life as easy and convenient as possible. In the event of emergencies, we want our customers to be able to access quality medical supplies that could lessen or even prevent damage. We want to be able to equip our clients with the means to potentially save lives, most especially theirs if it comes to that point.

O.K. Pharmacy in Donna TX offers the following medical supplies/ products

  • Bathroom safety
  • Blood glucose exam kit (with free strips)
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Compression therapy
  • Diabetic management
  • Digital thermometer
  • Electronic lift chairs
  • Fingertip pulse oximeter
  • Maternity products
  • Nebulizers and compressors
  • Rollators
  • Transport chairs
  • Walk aids
  • Wheelchairs

Don’t hesitate to place your orders today! Call us ahead if you wish to inquire about the availability of a particular item/ product.