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Top 3 Mobility Aids That Your Loved One Should Use

As we grow older, our physical strength and ability wane. We can no longer walk too far nor stand too long. That is why mobility aids were invented in order to assist the elderly people when walking or standing. In this way, the elders can improve their mobility and enhance their lifestyle. The following are … Continue reading

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A Safer Home for the Elderly

Your own residence is the most accident-prone area for the elderly population. In fact, the bathroom is considered to be the most common area of a home accident to be followed by the sitting room, the kitchen, the bedroom, and the dining room. Given all this, it is only important for you to make your … Continue reading

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Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

At O.K. Pharmacy, we are advocates of good health. One highly overlooked factor of good health, however, is getting enough sleep. Working individuals, especially the hustlers who are at it 24/7, put sleep aside to find more time for work. This is a very common pattern especially in this modern and extremely competitive era. The … Continue reading

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How Much Vitamin A Do You Need?

Answer: Males are required at least 900 micrograms (mcg) of Vitamin A per day, while women, on the other hand, need approximately need 700 mcg/day. Vitamin A is not hard to find in our dietary intake. There’s an ample supply of them found in liver and fish oils. Concentrations of Vitamin A are also high … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Kids Should Take Vitamin Supplements

Is your child taking vitamin supplements every day? Parents are always concerned over their child’s health. Try as they must, they do their best to put healthy food on the table just to make sure their kids are getting healthy meals daily. But truth be told, moms and dads find this challenging to accomplish most … Continue reading

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