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5 Services to Look For in a Pharmacy

Do you think you should be a loyal client to a particular pharmacy in Texas? There are myriad of benefits when you’re a recognized client in an establishment, more so in a pharmacy where life-saving items are purchased. One of which is the relationship you can establish with the staff as this helps you make … Continue reading

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Is It Okay for Every Woman to Use a Menstrual Cup?

Women all over the United States have been talking about this feminine hygiene product that is more eco-friendly than your regular pad or tampon. Ladies, we are talking about the menstrual cup. A menstrual cup is a small and flexible cup that is designed to catch your menstrual fluid during that time of the month. … Continue reading

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Are You Team Pads, Team Tampons, or Team Menstrual Cup?

That time of the month, crimson tide, lady’s business; we all call our menstrual cycle differently, but all of us agree on one thing: it is important to keep it hygienic down there. Because we need to keep things under control, we have been provided various products that could help us stay clean and comfortable … Continue reading

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Common Myths About Contraceptive Aids

Why do we use contraception pills? Why do we have different contraception methods available on the market today when we are not even sure if it is safe to use it? Although contraception is something that we all use today, we never really had a good understanding of its nature. Some people dislike the idea … Continue reading

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What Some Women Might Not Know About Feminine Hygiene

Talking about feminine hygiene seems like an unspoken taboo in society today. Just because we are talking about the delicate part of our being does not mean we should avoid the topic. In fact, issues on hygiene have surfaced because most health problems were caused by the lack of it. Our common notion is that … Continue reading

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