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6 Questions About Condoms You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask, Answered!


What would you like to know?

  1. Can condoms effectively prevent pregnancy?

    As long as a condom is used as directed, it will be able to provide protection against unwanted pregnancies and even sexually transmitted infections.

    However, in the event that the condom breaks and no additional contraception was used, there will still be the risk of the woman becoming pregnant and or contracting an infection. To prevent this, you should consider making use of an emergency contraception for added safety.

  2. Can condoms protect against STIs?

    Yes, it can. STIs, also known as sexually transmitted infections can be passed on from one person to the next in different ways. Those that are transmitted through bodily fluids (such as HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc.) are the ones which condoms are most effective in preventing.

    STIs which are spread through direct skin contact (such as herpes, human papillomavirus, etc.) can also be prevented by condoms but only if the sores caused by these diseases are covered by a condom.

  3. Can condoms break easily?

    Not at all. A great majority of condoms are made of a durable and flexible material called latex. On top of that, all condoms undergo strict and rigorous testing before they are sent out into the market. This is to ensure that the contraceptive product is stable, intact, and is void of holes.

    On a side note, you should also make sure to store your condoms in a cool and dry area to prevent it from deteriorating over time.

  4. Can condoms slip off often?

    Not when you are using it correctly. If you’re new to using condoms as a form of contraception, it is vital to check the instructions that come with the packet.

    Aside from instructions for use, the packet also contains directions on what type of lubricant to use with your condom. Generally, you should use either silicone-based or water-based lubricants with a condom. This is because oil-based lubricants (such as baby oil, petroleum jelly, etc.) can sometimes cause the latex material of a condom to weaken.

  5. Can condoms make sexual intercourse uncomfortable?

    No. If anything, condoms can even enhance the experience. Condoms don’t just protect you from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, but they can also negate pain during intercourse.

    There are different selections of condoms in the market. See what works best for you and your partner and stick with that.

  6. Can condoms be reused?

    Absolutely not. All condoms have been manufactured for singular use only. It is important to use a new condom every time you engage in sexual intercourse to ensure that it serves its function.

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