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Different Pharmaceutical Intervention for Head Lice

Different Pharmaceutical Intervention for Head Lice

Children are the common victims of head lice infestation. As a parent, it’s not surprising if you have been too desperate to utilize different techniques just to be rid of the infestation totally. Most of the time, you might have ended up frustrated because it’s as if the interventions you’ve tried are all exercise in futility. You might wonder and scratch your head too as to where you went wrong. But you don’t have to feel defeated yet because pharmacists from O.K. Pharmacy can help you with the correct options to finally annihilate those pesky, wingless, parasitic creatures dwelling in your kids head. These are some pharmaceutical treatment you need to look closely at:

Over-the-counter Medication

There are two popular over-the-counter medications that you can try: Permethrin 1% lotion and pyrethrin shampoo. All these medications are derived from the chrysanthemum plant. Both are approved for use even in toddlers. As for the use of permethrin, you must first wet and shampoo the hair of your child and lightly coat it with the lotion. After leaving the lotion in the hair for 10 minutes, you lather it with warm water for at least a minute. Then rinse it fully and comb the hair using the nit to remove all the dead lice and their eggs. The only difference between the application of permethrin and pyrethrin is that you must apply the latter while the hair and scalp are still dry.

Prescription Drugs

  • Benzyl alcohol lotion. This is possibly the only prescription treatment available that is not neurotoxic to the lice. The medication works by obstructing their respiratory system. However, the downside is that they have no significant effect on the eggs.
  • Malathion lotion. Unlike the benzyl alcohol lotion, this one is capable of killing the eggs. This medication is also effective in killing the lice because of its neurotoxic property. Thus, the approved use of this medication indicates administration for children ages 6 years old and above. Most parents are strongly advised to never use it on infants. What you need to remember about using the product is that it has to be applied generously on your child’s dry hair and scalp. Then, you let the product sit and dry naturally on your kid’s head for about 8-12 hours before finally rinsing the medication with warm water.
  • Ivermectin lotion. Just like most prescribed medicines for head lice, this kills lice using its neurotoxic property and it also has effects on the muscle cells of the lice. Just like the application of Malathion lotion, it should be applied on your kids’ dry hair and scalp. However, the product should only be left for about 10 minutes. Unlike benzyl alcohol lotion, the use of ivermectin is only a single dose treatment.

You can always rely on a Pharmacy in Donna TX to have all your preconceived bias regarding the medicines be cleared. The pharmacists are in the best position to supplement or reframe your knowledge regarding the medications to kill head lice. You must also consult the pharmacist about the specific precautions and special administration of the kind of medication that you have decided to purchase from them.


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