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Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know about Allergies

Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know about Allergies

According to research, at least one out of five Americans has allergies. It is a common condition among people where their immune systems react to certain things that get into the body. Allergy types can range from food to different allergens.

When you have allergies, you often take medicines just to relieve the inflammation or the uncomfortable feeling. You think this is the best remedy of all time. But, wait until we tell you things you did not know about your allergies. We take allergy medication seriously at O.K Pharmacy, your friendly Pharmacy in Donna, TX. We do not just dispense your medicine without making sure that you know everything you need to know.

Here are some amazing facts that you need to know about allergies:

  1. Allergic reactions have something to do with our immune system

    Your body in its normal state will not react to any molecules and dust that surround you. But if your immune system reacts to food, dust, or other allergens, it is because you mistakenly take these foreign things inside your body. That is why we often experience inflammation, or constant sneezing and runny nose.

    But in reality, the dust and the food that you are allergic to are not really harmful to your body. It is only because of the immune system’s different reaction that makes it problematic.

  2. Hay fever is one of the most common allergies among Americans

    Allergic rhinitis is not a new word to you. You may have this or may know someone who has hay fever or allergic rhinitis. This often refers to a condition where a person sneezes or experience stuffy and runny nose due to pollens of trees and plants or dust molds.

    For people who have these kinds of allergies, they often avoid going near dusty places or staying long in the park. Allergy shots can also be an effective way of eradicating hay fever. You can buy yours now at O.K Pharmacy, your ultimate source of allergy medicines and Prescription Drugs.

  3. Allergies can either be hereditary or acquired

    A kid can most likely have allergies because they have a family history. But sometimes, there are cases where even if the parents are healthy and they do not have any allergies at all, their child may acquire allergy from their environment.

    Dealing with allergies should not be a hard task. You have several choices to choose from. You can either buy good medicines for allergies in a drug store or, you can opt to keep away from allergens and make sure you do not eat the food that gives you itches or discomfort.

For more information about allergies, you can ask our pharmacists at O.K Pharmacy. For details, you can check our website at or call us today at 956-464-2200.


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