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Top 3 Mobility Aids That Your Loved One Should Use


As we grow older, our physical strength and ability wane. We can no longer walk too far nor stand too long. That is why mobility aids were invented in order to assist the elderly people when walking or standing. In this way, the elders can improve their mobility and enhance their lifestyle.

The following are the top mobility aids purchased by seniors:

  1. Canes

    This is the most commonly used mobility aid. Canes are walking sticks that help support the weight of an elder in order to maintain balance and coordination. When choosing canes, make sure that the handle is non-slip and comfortable to hold on. Also, see if the tip of the stick is supple and in good shape. There may be various kinds of canes, however, choose a cane that perfectly fits your elder’s needs and preferences.

  2. Wheelchairs

    This type of mobility aid is used by elders who are not allowed to put much weigh on their lower leg. Wheelchairs are also used for people who are paraplegic. Unlike canes or walkers, wheelchairs are more suitable when traveling to distant places.

  3. Scooters

    If your loved one does not want wheelchairs, then scooters are the best mobility aid alternative. Scooters are a power-operated vehicle which allows your loved one to travel for about 10 to 15 miles. Another advantage of scooters is its portability since it can be easily disassembled and carried in a car.

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