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A Patient’s Rights When Purchasing Medications


Medication plays a big role in health management. In most cases, patients who experience chronic pain rely so much on medications for relief. The right medication can change the life of a patient either positively or negatively. Administering medications to patients come with great responsibilities. Not everybody is allowed to administer it. Some necessary steps have to be taken prior to giving the medication. These are responsibilities that need to be taken seriously to make sure that the medication will work as expected.

When purchasing medications, buy only from the reliable pharmacies. Pharmacists should be reliable sources when you have questions regarding your purchase. People who work in a pharmacy should take note of the different kinds of drugs. There are drugs that sound and look alike and this is a common error in purchasing. It is the pharmacy personnel’s responsibility to check for the doctors’ prescription and the age of the patient as written by the physician. An adult’s dose is totally different from pediatric dose, so we need to be very careful on that.

Medications come in any form. Syrup, suspension, vial, tablet, injectables, nebules, capsules, and more, these are the most common type of drug forms. Each drug form also has different routes, like nebules are for inhalation and some ampules are injectables and some are for inhalation as well. A responsible pharmacist provides health education regarding the purchased drug. Health education should contain the right route for the drug that was bought.

When doing health teaching and providing instructions to consumers regarding a medication, pharmacists have to include the timing and frequency when the medications are to be taken as written in the doctors’ prescription. Frequency and timing information is very crucial because it greatly affects drug potency. If it is taken incorrectly, there is a huge possibility that medications will not work as expected or it may have undesirable effects. Side effects are normal to some drugs due to its potency, but if the medications are taken as prescribed, side effects should be mild to none.

It is a good practice to write down on a piece of paper or in a notebook all the medications that are being taken in a day. When purchasing the medication or when asking for medication from a physician, the patient should not forget to disclose if there are other drugs being taken. There is what we call as drug interaction. One drug may potentiate other drugs and some drug may reverse the effect of the other. That is why it is very important to take note of the drugs that are being taken. This will give the physician an idea of what drugs to avoid and what drugs have to be stopped.

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