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Are You Team Pads, Team Tampons, or Team Menstrual Cup?


That time of the month, crimson tide, lady’s business; we all call our menstrual cycle differently, but all of us agree on one thing: it is important to keep it hygienic down there.

Because we need to keep things under control, we have been provided various products that could help us stay clean and comfortable during our lady days. Ladies, we are talking about feminine products.

But how do you determine which product are you going to use? O.K. Pharmacy is going to walk you through the pros and cons of the 3 most popular feminine products in the market:

  • Team Pads

    Pads are your first-time best friend when you experience your first flow. It is an absorbent material that is used during aunt red’s visits.


    • Easy to use
    • Few precautions to follow
    • Few health risks
    • No risks of Toxic Shock Syndrome
    • Can be worn overnight
    • Allow regular flow monitoring
    • Easily bought in stores
    • Can be worn with a heavy or light flow


    • Cannot hold much menstrual flow
    • Can be expensive
    • Can be uncomfortable
    • Have a high environmental impact
    • Can give off bad odor during warm or hot days
  • Team Tampon

    A tampon is a plug made of a soft and absorbent material that is inserted into the vagina to absorb menstruation fluid.


    • Gives you freedom
    • Feels a lot cleaner
    • Does not smell
    • Does not show through your pants
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to dispose


    • Can increase your risk of infection
    • Needs the right absorbency when used
    • Can shed fibers
    • Not eco-friendly
    • Might be forgotten that it is inside you
    • Might make cramps worse
  • Team Menstrual Cup

    A menstrual cup is a small flexible cup that is made up of silicone and is inserted into one’s vagina. Like other feminine hygiene products on our list, it is used to prevent the menstrual blood from leaking onto one’s clothes. However, it collects the menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it.


    • Lower costs
    • Less landfill waste
    • Less embarrassing odor
    • Fewer visits to the pharmacy
    • Easy to use
    • More time between changes


    • More mess
    • May be difficult to insert for some
    • Possible fit problems
    • Issues regarding cup removal
    • Maintenance

Those are just some of the pros and cons of the widely used feminine products available in your local Pharmacy in Donna TX. After carefully reading and evaluating each, we are most certain you already found a partner that makes your red days more comfortable and worry-free.

So which team are you in? Is it team pads, team tampons, or team menstrual cup? Leave your answers in the comments below and let us see which feminine hygiene product is the most preferred from our stock of medical supplies in Texas.

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