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Common Myths About Contraceptive Aids


Why do we use contraception pills? Why do we have different contraception methods available on the market today when we are not even sure if it is safe to use it? Although contraception is something that we all use today, we never really had a good understanding of its nature. Some people dislike the idea of it while some use it for their reproductive health.

Many times we have misinterpreted the use of contraceptive aids. We often limit its use to avoiding getting pregnant. But these pills serve a much greater purpose. Every day, customers and patients walk in at O.K. Pharmacy, a trusted pharmacy in Donna, TX, asking for medicines and prescription drugs that can address their reproductive health concerns.

So today, we will debunk some of the common myths about contraception:

  • Birth control pills make you fat

    You heard this line before. You see people gaining weight uncontrollably and blaming it on the pills that they are taking. Although taking pills can contribute to your weight gain, but it does not mean that you cannot control it anymore.

    You have to bear in mind that in taking these kinds of pills, you are altering your hormones. And changing the natural cycle of our hormones can also affect our appetite. Some people may tend to eat less while some will eat more. But this does not mean that you cannot do anything about it. If you can discipline yourself to eat right despite constant cravings and work out regularly, you can still live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Taking birth control pills sporadically lessens its effect

    For those women who are advised by the doctor to take the pills every day due to health reasons, they need to do the doctor’s orders. But if you just skip one pill for the days for some unknown reason, then it does not really affect the whole thing.

    Birth control pills can be mild depending on the brand or dosage that one takes. So if you are sticking with one pill a day, then it will not really affect your reproductive health at all.

    Educating ourselves about these matters is essential. We know when we need to use it and when it can be harmful to our body. Contraceptive pills are helpful but if we abuse it or take it without the doctor’s order, this is when complication can surface.

What are your thoughts about this? Let us know your thoughts! For more information about contraceptive pills and their uses, visit O.K. Pharmacy, your source for prescription drugs and medical supplies in Texas. For details, you can browse the rest of our website or leave us a comment.

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