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How to Stay Safe in Today’s Pandemic

How to Stay Safe in Today’s Pandemic

Today, the United States is facing a serious threat from the COVID-19 pandemic. Pandemic is the medical term for a phenomenon in which a viral disease spreads out from more than one country. Today, COVID-19 has found itself in more than 20 nations!

How can you do your part to keep yourself and your family safe during these most trying of times?

First, follow the rules. Stay at home and stay in quarantine. Do not go out unless it’s necessary to secure essential supplies like food, toilet paper, and others. If there’s no important reason to go out, avoid any contact at all with other people as the virus can easily spread through droplets in coughed-up saliva or phlegm.

In the event that you do need to go out, make sure to cover your face with a mask. Medical supplies in Texas include surgical masks, but a simple cloth mask thick enough to keep moisture out would do. Surgical masks are more needed by the medical front-liners to make sure they’re not infected by their patients.

Front liners make use of a lot of medical equipment in Donna, Texas to care for their patients infected with COVID-19. It makes sense to reserve medical personal protective equipment like surgical masks for their use.

We’d like to help keep you safe by offering you delivery services for your medical needs such as medicines and antiseptics. Call us now at O.K. Pharmacy. Aside from medicine, we also have durable medical equipment like blood pressure monitors and many others.

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