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Living Through Diabetes: Tips for Care Management

Living Through Diabetes: Tips for Care Management

Diabetes is a very common disease. If you’re not diagnosed, there’s a chance that you know someone close to you who suffers from it. According to the American Diabetes Association , every year, there are 1.5 million Americans who get diagnosed with this condition. The same record indicates that diabetes is very prevalent in American seniors, estimated at around 12 million.

The bad news with diabetes is that it is incurable. However, the good news is that it is manageable. And we say, let’s focus on this great news!

When you have enough diabetic Medical Supplies in Donna, Texas, you can consistently check on your blood sugar level with a glucose strip. This is one way of managing your diabetes. Another is through regular physical exercises.

With exercises, you don’t need to run a daily marathon or lift weights every day in order to receive physical benefits. You only need to have important lifestyle changes, such as the following:

Stay hydrated when exercising. Water can help dilute the blood sugar in your bloodstreams. Ideally, two bottles of 8-ounce water are good to drink before the regimen, and then a cup of water every 15 minutes thereafter.

  • Take time to listen to your body.
    When you’re taking medicines to decrease your sugar level, and you’re feeling weak at the point of exercising, check your blood sugar level immediately. When it’s low, sipping a sports drink or fruit juice can restore your blood sugar. Approach our pharmacy in Texas if you need a regular supply of blood sugar test strips.
  • Be mindful of what you eat after exercising.
    Ensure that you can replenish the glycogen supply that you have released during the exercise. An apple every after a 30-minute exercise is ideal to refuel your sugar. However, if the glucose level is high, eat protein foods instead, such as tofu or fish.
  • Look for exercise routines that you can enjoy.
    Exercising should not feel like you’re being punished as this can discourage you from pursuing the lifestyle. Opt for the activities that you actually enjoy doing.
  • Choose to move around rather than sit for a long time of the day.
    If your work needs for you to sit for a long period of time, such as sitting before a computer, you need to stand and walk around for at least 10 minutes every hour.
  • Break down your exercise activities, especially if you think you can’t dedicate a whole 30-minute chunk for it. For instance, you can try walking to work for 10 minutes, then out for lunch for another 10 minutes, and then home for 10 minutes. Doing this every day can be sufficient for your exercise routines.

If you have further needs on diabetes-related medical equipment, feel free to contact us at O.K. Pharmacy. We have well-trained pharmacists ready to assist you and answer your inquiries.

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