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On the Safe Side: What to Check before Taking Your Prescribed Medication

On the Safe Side: What to Check before Taking Your Prescribed Medication

When we get sick, we find means and ways to recover in the shortest time possible. We want to make sure that we no longer experience any of the discomforting symptoms, and be able to get back to our normal lives and healthy selves once again. That is why we visit a physician, and in turn, hurry to acquire the medication prescribed to us.

As much as you would want to rush to the nearest pharmacy and buy the medication, supplements, or medical equipment you need, there are a couple of things you need to do and check first before just popping the pill in your mouth or taking the drug as indicated. These points may seem unnecessary to some people, but these make sure you are on the safe side when it comes to prescription medicines.

  • Know More about the Medication Prescribed

    After being prescribed with the medication you need to take, it is important to ask your physician—and even research on your own—as to the drug’s components, side effects, dosage, and indication. That is why it is imperative for your physician to also know all your allergies and medical history, so they can prescribe a medicine that will be safe for you to take.

  • Double Check Labels and Expiry Dates

    Medicines can expire, too, and when this happens, some components in them will either react, or the medicine will no longer work as it should. When you get the medication you need from the pharmacy, make sure to check the expiry date, and of course, the medication’s label to ensure that you received the right brand and milligrams per dosage.

  • Check the Physical Appearance and Attributes of the Drug

    This is especially important if you are attuned to having your prescriptions refilled. Look at how the medicine looks like and even smells like first before taking them. Checking the color, texture, shape, and smell of the drug will help you determine if you have received the right and genuine medication you are prescribed with.

  • Ask if a Generic Version of the Medication is Available

    Branded medicines can be fairly expensive, and often times, you would have to purchase a whole batch of them in order to meet with what is prescribed in the treatment plan. That is why it will be very helpful to ask your pharmacist if there is a generic version of the prescribed medicine. Generic medication offers the same components and effectiveness as their branded counterparts, is regulated by the government and FDA-approved, and are much cheaper.

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