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Risky Food-Drug Interactions a Pharmacist Can Prevent

Risky Food-Drug Interactions a Pharmacist Can Prevent

A pharmacist can offer sound advice on medical equipment in Donna Texas and prescription drugs. Especially when you are buying medication, they will warn you on risky food-drug interaction to pay attention to. Here are some of the food-drug interaction advice that a pharmacist will tell you:

  • Foods Rich in Calcium vs. Antibiotics
    Your meals, in one way or another, may contain milk, cheese, or yogurt. It is not advisable to eat calcium-rich products while taking antibiotics, though. Calcium will bind the antibiotics, transforming it into an insoluble substance the stomach can’t absorb and preventing it from working as intended.
  • Foods With Tyramine vs. MAOIs
    Fermented, cured, and pickled foods contain tyramine, a substance that helps regulate blood pressure. Tyramine is perfect for those with low blood pressure, but it is not suitable for those taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). Taking these two substances together will cause your blood pressure to increase to dangerous levels.
  • Alcohol vs. Prescription Stimulants
    Avoid drinking alcohol when taking any medication, especially prescription stimulants. Drinking alcohol while taking this medication will prevent you from realizing how intoxicated you are. You’ll end up drinking an amount that is more than you can handle. Excessive drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning.

If you are buying durable medical equipment and prescription drugs as prescribed by your doctor, there is no harm in talking to your pharmacist. Similar to the doctor, they only want to keep you healthy and safe as you recuperate. Listen to what a pharmacist says, especially regarding food and drug interaction.

O.K. Pharmacy cares for our clients. It is our mission to provide superior quality medication and medical supplies in Texas. Give us a call when you have questions regarding your prescription.

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