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Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

At O.K. Pharmacy, we are advocates of good health. One highly overlooked factor of good health, however, is getting enough sleep. Working individuals, especially the hustlers who are at it 24/7, put sleep aside to find more time for work. This is a very common pattern especially in this modern and extremely competitive era. The hazards of sleep deprivation shouldn’t be underestimated though since these hazards far outweigh the benefits of losing sleep.

Here are the four major signs that you’re not getting enough sleep:

  • Everything Easily Irritates You

    You might experience feeling irritable, moody, and even depressed. Contrary to popular belief, sleep deprivation does not hit the physical facets but goes straight to the cognitive. Insomnia has been established as one of the initial symptoms of anxiety, this also extends to poor anger management. People often find it hard to laugh at well-meaning jokes, get sad at the slightest affront, and more commonly, lose their temper at the smallest things.

  • Your Clothes Feel Too Tight

    Leptin is a hormone that helps regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger. However, when a person gets less than six hours of sleep, the production of leptin is reduced. Lack of sleep, therefore, is one of the culprits of increased appetite which encourages unhealthy snacking. We get careless when we lack sleep. This is not only true to the people we lose our tempers to but also to the food we take in. Our ability to process runs lesser by the minute, and food value is usually the first one that’s forgotten.

  • Productivity Levels Run Low

    Losing sleep over doing extra work is indeed, the greatest irony. We stay up all night to finish up a report for example only to come to work the next day feeling groggy and unmotivated, hence you chug in fewer quality works. Waking up in the morning hating the sound of the alarm clock and fantasizing about your bed are the tell-tale signs of not getting enough sleep.

  • You’re Forgetful

    You might not even remember the title of this article. You might not even remember what you were doing just a few hours ago. The pattern is nevertheless the same; it takes longer for you to remember things clearly. Sleeping is important to incubate the information gathered throughout the day, it also functions as a charging system to reboot our stressed-out neurons. Without that time to recharge and refresh, optimum performance would be harder and harder to achieve.

Good health is our top-most priority here at O.K. Pharmacy, a health provider that specializes in Medical Supplies in Donna, Texas. Our pharmacy can help you ensure that you are getting enough sleep. We supply medical equipment, medications, vitamins, supplements, and many more. Health shouldn’t be undervalued, let’s make it a priority.

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