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The Not-So-Bloody Truth: Dispelling the 6 Common Myths About Menstruation

The-Not-So-Bloody-Truth: Dispelling-the-6-Common-Myths-About-Menstruation

Being a woman is tough. Every month, you entertain a bloody visitor named menstruation. Most oftentimes, it is accompanied by another unwelcome and painful visitor called “dysmenorrhea.” But do you know what is even worse than a painful menstruation? The false news surrounding it.

O.K. Pharmacy debunks some of the common myths about periods. We are a Pharmacy in Donna, TX. Read on to uncover the truth behind some of these myths:

  • Myth 1. Taking a bath/shower during your period can make you insane.
    This is absolutely an old wives’ tale! Taking a bath/shower is necessary to maintain your personal hygiene. In fact, some girls on their period take a bath/shower at least twice a day. Imagine not taking a bath/shower for at least five days! Perhaps, the bad smell is one that can drive you nuts.
  • Myth 2. You should not engage in physical activities.
    Actually, exercising is a great way to get rid of premenstrual symptoms and period cramps. This is because exercising increases the supply of oxygen to your muscles. As long as your body is up for it, we do not see why you should not engage in physical activities.
  • Myth 3. You lose a lot of blood during your menstruation.
    It is time to dispel the truth about this crazy myth, girl. The average woman only loses about two to three tablespoons of blood during her period. Simply put, stop worrying about this baseless statement.
  • Myth 4. There are ways you can shorten or delay your period.
    Well, maybe there are some ways you can go about it. But we highly suggest that you do not. Fighting your body’s natural menstrual cycle can potentially lead to health problems.
  • Myth 5. Period blood smells awful!
    It has no odor, ladies. Period blood is made of regular blood and tissues that shed from your uterus. The bad smell you are detecting may be due to the blood mixing with naturally occurring bacteria in your body. Furthermore, you should not worry about the smell because only you can get a sniff of it.
  • Myth 6. All menstruation cycles should last for exactly seven days.
    Not all girls share the same experience when they are having their periods. A normal period usually lasts anywhere from three to seven days. Also, it is completely normal for first periods to be irregular. If after a year, your period lasts significantly longer or shorter than a week every month, talk to your doctor about it.

Is your menstrual cramp too excruciating for you to go to the pharmacy? O.K. Pharmacy offers delivery services. You can buy an OTC painkiller for your dysmenorrhea, as well as feminine hygiene products. Please contact 956-464-2200.

We provide solutions for various pharmaceutical problems. We do not sell medications but also Medical Supplies in Texas. Let us end this article with a funny quote by Robin Williams, “If women ran the world, we wouldn’t have wars, just intense negotiations for 28 days.

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