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6 Clever Ways to Make Your Toddlers Drink Their Prescribed Antibiotics

6 Clever Ways to Make Your Toddlers Drink Their Prescribed Antibiotics

Yucks to Yums!

Antibacterials, most commonly known as antibiotics, are drugs formulated to treat and prevent bacterial infections, such as urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and sore throats. And just like any other medicines, parents often find themselves pleading to their little ones to take their prescribed antibiotics already. Are there some ways you can do to make it easier for your kids to ingest it? We believe so.

O.K Pharmacy, a well-renowned Pharmacy in Donna, TX, offers some parenting tips about how to get your children to drink their antibiotics.

  1. Act positively on it.

    Do not let your tots feel as if medicine time is a horrifying thing. Instead, instill some positivity while you hand them down their medicine. Studies suggest that children can easily pick up on something bad by basing on your body language and tone of voice. So make sure to give them a smile and fill your voice with excitement during medicine time.

  2. Make a game out of it.

    “Here comes the airplane” is perhaps one of the most classic and effective techniques to make your little ones take their antibiotics. It works for toddlers most of the time. You can also try other games, like peek-a-boo. When you say peek-a-boo, children tend to laugh. Put their medication immediately and cover their eyes again for another peek-a-boo. Another game we can think of is doctor-and-patient role-playing. They will act as the patient and you act as their doctor. As the patient, they are required to drink the medicine.

  3. Try camouflaging it.

    Combine the antibiotics with their favorite sweets or drinks to hide its awful taste. According to many pediatricians, cherry-flavored drinks are the most effective camouflage. Of course, this only works if your youngsters love cherry-flavored snacks. If not, try other flavors.

  4. Fool their tongue.

    This is quite different from the camouflaging technique we discussed earlier. Instead of combining the antibiotics with sweet-tasting foods or drinks, try coating your tots’ tongues with a sweet syrup before they take the antibiotics. You can also give them something cold, like an ice cream or a popsicle. For sure, they will not be able to taste the antibiotics.

  5. Let them participate.

    Give your little ones a sense of control. Instead of forcing them to drink the medicine, try giving them options. If they have two or more medications to take, ask them which one they want to take first. In this way, you divert their attention from saying “No!”

  6. Seek the help of a pharmacist.

    When all else fails, contact O.K Pharmacy. We offer flavorings for antibiotics. The available flavors we have are bubblegum, cherry, grape, strawberry, and watermelon.

We care about everyone’s health and well-being. We have various Prescription Drugs suitable for any age, condition, and even budget (general planning). We have been delivering superb pharmaceutical services in Donna, Texas since 1964. If you have any questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to call us at 956-464-2200 or e-mail us at or

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