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Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors


As we age, our bodies become weaker. We become prone to accidents and injuries even at home, especially in bathrooms. The bathroom is usually a wet area where it is easy to slip. It also mostly contains hard surfaces that, when bumped into, can lead to injuries. It is also impossible not to use it in a day since we use the toilet an average of 7 times daily. For this reason, bathroom safety is very important.

  • We highly recommend installing durable medical equipment like grab bars in the toilet for support when sitting and standing. Grab bars can also be installed inside the shower to prevent falls.
  • Make sure that the bathroom is well-lit, too, especially at night. Most seniors do not have a clear vision and would rely heavily on the lighting in an area or their glasses, if they have one, to see clearly.
  • Keep in mind to always keep the bathroom clean and free from clutter, as well. This way, they can prevent stepping on an object that may cause them injuries. Opt for non-slip rugs or anti-slip flooring.

O.K. Pharmacy is one of the leading providers of medical supplies in Donna, Texas. We have been in the industry since 1964, so you can trust that we know what we’re doing. We want to give you accessible care at home whenever you need it. That is why we offer convenience through our delivery services, auto prescription refills, and high-quality products.

If you require medical equipment in Texas, give us a call at 956-464-2200, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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