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Medical Equipment: Toileting Safety for Seniors

Medical Equipment: Toileting Safety for Seniors

Due to disabilities, injuries, health conditions, and other age-related difficulties, your senior loved ones might be at risk of falling. Thus, you have to fall-proof your home to make them safe in going in and out of the toilet. To help address this problem, we offer the latest medical equipment in Donna Texas to assist them.

  • Bathroom safety
    Falling commonly happens in the bathroom due to its wet and slippery environment. Aside from installing grab bars and non-slip bath mats, commode toilets and bath chairs are reliable durable medical equipment (DME) you can provide for your seniors or family members with disabilities.
  • Transport chairs
    You can ease the struggle of transferring your mom or dad from bed to the toilet by using transport chairs. They can make the transfer safe and comfortable for your senior loved one. For toileting and bathroom needs, you can find trusted pharmacies providing DMEs and medical supplies in Texas.

You can find all of these equipment at O.K. Pharmacy. We make sure that we have the supplies you need for your seniors and your family members. To inquire about our products and services, please feel free to call 956-464-2200.

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