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Pharmaceutical in Donna, Texas

How to Maintain Your Health

Staying healthy is extremely important if you want to keep living a great and fulfilling life. There are many ways you can maintain your health from doing exercises, eating right, taking different kinds of products, and making healthier life choices. It is not complicated to maintain and improve your health but it does require dedication … Continue reading

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What You Should Know About Generic Drugs

When you are shopping around for medications, you probably have seen generic drugs available. Most pharmacies offer these medications, but are they worth your time? The short answer would be yes! Here are some facts that you should know about generic meds: Affordable: Unlike brand-name medications, their generic cousins are far more affordable. This can … Continue reading

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Different Pharmaceutical Intervention for Head Lice

Children are the common victims of head lice infestation. As a parent, it’s not surprising if you have been too desperate to utilize different techniques just to be rid of the infestation totally. Most of the time, you might have ended up frustrated because it’s as if the interventions you’ve tried are all exercise in … Continue reading

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A Matter Between Life and Death: The Importance of Medication Adherence

If you think that the labels on your medication are just for appearance, think again. They are there for a reason. Doctors prescribe and pharmacists dispense medications expecting that they will be taken exactly as prescribed. However, there are some patients who are stubborn and opt not to follow instructions. They make many excuses, one … Continue reading

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Salmonella Outbreak

(RxWiki News)     The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and other state and local partners are investigating an outbreak of salmonella linked to papayas. Some of the reported illnesses are linked to Caribeña brand Maradol papayas from Mexico. The FDA is warning consumers to avoid eating Caribeña’s Maradol papayas. Grande … Continue reading

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Low Dose Aspirin Protects Women from Risks of Pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia is a condition that occurs during pregnancy which renders the affected woman to experience high blood pressure. In the United States, 5% of pregnant women have pre-eclampsia. This condition predisposes them kidney damage and other complications from high blood pressure level. It is a very dangerous situation not only for the mother but also … Continue reading

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